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DAILY MAIL: Back in black! We try Rolls‑Royce's new £325,000 heavy-metal Black Badge Ghost limousine

'Back in Black' were the lyrics screamed by AC/DC's English front-man Brian Johnson in 1980 in what would go on to become...

THE TELEGRAPH: Inside the £320,000 ‘post opulent’ Rolls‑Royce Ghost Black Badge limousine

Frederick Henry Royce would have rolled his eyes in desperation at the very thought of a purple motor car. The engineering brain...

CNET: Rolls‑Royce Ghost Black Badge debuts with more power and sinister style

Rolls‑Royce loosens up the Ghost's collar with dark design elements and a 563-horsepower V12. 


THERE’S A new Rolls‑Royce Ghost available as part of the British firm’s Black Badge performance model line-up.

HYPEBEAST: The Rolls‑Royce Black Badge Ghost Combines Opulence With Dynamism

Rolls‑Royce is not a byword for sporty, but its Black Badge division does its utmost best at redeveloping the existing range of cars...

MAN OF MANY: Rolls‑Royce Black Badge Ghost Swaps Suit for Streetwear

In case you were unfamiliar, the Rolls‑Royce Black Badge series is the leading automotive marque’s alter-ego...

GQ: The Rolls‑Royce Black Badge Ghost is sleek proof that limousines can be subversive

Launched alongside its own NFT, the new Rolls‑Royce Ghost Black Badge is a murdered-out vision of future luxury.

ROBB REPORT: Rolls‑Royce Announces A Black Badge Ghost

The esteemed marque adds another menacing model to its fleet. When Rolls‑Royce announced its Black Badge treatment option in 2016 many felt...

HICONSUMPTION: Rolls‑Royce’s Black Badge Ghost Features 100 Pounds of Atomized Paint

Already labeled as “the purest and most technologically advanced Black Badge motorcar yet”, the Rolls‑Royce Black Badge Ghost comes with a wide variety of upgrades.

ACQUIRE: Rolls‑Royce unveils the new Black Badge Ghost

Rolls‑Royce has unveiled the Black Badge edition of its new Ghost with an exterior finished in the auto industry's darkest black finish. 

HAUTE TIME: Rolls‑Royce Announces Black Badge Ghost, The Purest Black Badge Yet

Rolls‑Royce announces a product that represents a new kind of Black Badge motor car. 

Luxe Expose: Black Badge Ghost Is the Purest Black Badge Car in Rolls‑Royce’s History

Black Badge Ghost is the most technologically advanced Black Badge motor car yet.

Forbes: Rolls‑Royce Ghost Black Badge Review: A Rolls With Attitude

The needle sweeps quickly past the 100mph marker.

Robb Report: Why The New Rolls‑Royce Black Badge Ghost Feels Posh, Mysterious And Powerful

The Florida police officer turns and peers ahead, then looks back and gives me the thumbs-up.

TopGear: Rolls‑Royce is going electric but this Ghost is very much old-school RR

The Black Badge Ghost represents the very best of the brand’s endless customisation options.

Piston.My: Black Badge Ghost By Rolls‑Royce For Those Who Refuse To Adhere To Established Conventions

Today, ‘disruptor’ has become the popular label for those who refuse to adhere to established conventions

Business Insider: Rolls‑Royce invited me to live like the buyers of its $400,000 cars for a night. Here’s what it was like.

Rolls‑Royce invited me to live like a buyer of one of its $400,000 cars for a night. I accepted.

MotorTrend: Post-Opulent Dark Side: 2022 Rolls‑Royce Ghost Gets Black Badge Version

More power, a more aggressive chassis, and—if you want it—a lot of black paint.

Zigwheels: The Rolls‑Royce Ghost Gets More Potent With A Black Badge Iteration

Aside from a performance increase, it also gets a blacked-out makeover.

Carbuzz: Royce Black Badge Ghost Is Opulence Done Right

This is how to celebrate Halloween if money is no object.

VOGUE: A Trip To The West Country In The Rolls‑Royce Black Badge Ghost

Black Badge is Rolls‑Royce’s subversive sub brand, which punks up the models with more attitude and power.