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Forbes: First Drive: All-New 2020 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Few cars express the promise of la dolce vita, the sweet honeyed life, quite like Rolls-Royce. There is a certain theatre to the whole experience...

Robb Report: First Drive: The New Subtler, Simpler Rolls-Royce Ghost Is Still a Triumph of Engineering and Luxury

The "post-opulence" incarnation of the Ghost eschews ornamentation for quality of materials—and driving pleasure.

Bloomberg: Rolls-Royce Tones Down $332,500 Ghost in Latest Bid for Relevance

The 116-year-old car brand adopts a “post-opulence” stance in the second generation of its iconic sedan.

Auto Express: New Rolls-Royce Ghost 2020 Review

The new Ghost is a masterclass when it comes to luxury and refinement. The attention to detail and depth of engineering are staggering...

CAR Magazine: New Rolls-Royce Ghost review: less and more

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost has arrived, a full 11 years after the first one made its debut at the 2009 Frankfurt motor show. Featuring only two carryover parts...

Top Gear: The Top Gear car review: Rolls-Royce Ghost

Few cars turn the act of motorised forward motion into a more artful experience than the new Ghost. Beset with challenges as it is – not least from...

AutoTrader: Rolls-Royce Ghost Saloon (2020 - ) review

Ghost remains one of the best-selling cars in the range, with its customers enjoying both driving and being driven in unparalleled luxury. This all-new version...

FT: The new Rolls-Royce Ghost: a car for the “post-opulent” generation

The new Rolls-Royce is the brand’s most technologically advanced ever, equipped with a twin-turbo, 6.75 litre, 12-cylinder engine...

Daily Mail: Silence is golden – but can you have too much of a good thing?

We get behind the wheel of Rolls-Royce's new Ghost, which the UK maker says is 'near silent' on the move

Supercars of London: WORLD FIRST | Testing The New Rolls Royce Ghost's Planar Technology!

Welcome to the 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost! An exclusive first drive and look at the WORLD FIRST Planar System.

AutoTrader: NEW Rolls-Royce Ghost: The ULTIMATE Luxury Car? 4K

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost has arrived for 2020. Rory Reid reviews the exterior, interior and examines the levels of luxury to...

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Take GQ's exclusive tour around the new Rolls-Royce Ghost, the most technologically advanced car they've ever made, with designer...

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The NEW Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls Royce money can buy.

Mr JWW: NEW Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 - The Most Advanced Rolls Royce Ever!

This is the NEW Rolls Royce Ghost! The new 2021 Ghost is the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce yet.

The Irish Times: Rolls Royce Ghost: More than just a plaything for the rich and shameless

Haters gonna hate, but the new Ghost is a truly remarkable piece of engineering

THE SCOTSMAN: Rolls-Royce Ghost review

The all-new Ghost is about as refined and luxurious an experience as you’ll ever have on four wheels